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Types of Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks and How We Detect Them

Denial of Service (DoS) attacks on wireless networks are almost impossible to stop. Some attacks ...
Tim Connell

Wi-Fi Security Standards and Protocols

On your access points, are you using at a minimum WPA2-PSK with CCMP encryption? Is TKIP encryption ...
Tim Connell

Correlating a Device MAC Address to the Type of Device

Typically, when a device successfully connects to a network, the only information the network needs ...
Tim Connell

Detecting Vulnerabilities on Your Wireless Access Points

The rapid advancement of computer technology brings many devices, appliances, and gadgets that ...
Tim Connell

Published OUI Vendor List

All MAC addresses should resolve to a list of known vendors, or at the very least indicate the type ...
Corey Belanger

Hackers Targeting Preferred Network Lists (PNLs)

SONAR detects new potentially fake access points posing as a common open networks being broadcast ...
Corey Belanger
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