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Entangled Things

Demystifying Cybersecurity | CMAA | Let's Talk Club Management Podcast

Cyber Security can be an alarming and intimidating topic. We are constantly hearing about companies ...
Jill Stagner

Linguistics and Quantum Computing with Rob Freeman | Ep 40 | Entangled Things Podcast

In Episode 40, Patrick and Ciprian speak with Rob Freeman, language and Artificial Intelligence ...
Jill Stagner

QCI's Special Announcement with Bob Liscouski and Bill McGann | Entangled Things Ep 39

In Episode 39, Patrick and Ciprian speak with Bob Liscouski, CEO, and Bill Mcgann, CTO and COO of ...
Jill Stagner

Breaking into Quantum Computing w/ Mariia Mykhailova of Azure Quantum, Microsoft | Entangled Things

In Episode 38, Patrick and Ciprian speak with Mariia Mykhailova, Principal Software Engineer at ...
Jill Stagner

Dr. Olivia Lanes Speaks With Entangled Things

In Episode 37, Patrick and Ciprian speak with Dr. Olivia Lanes, North American lead for Quiskit and ...
Jill Stagner

Photonics with Dr. Lewis Johnson of NLM Photonics | Ep 36 | Entangled Things

In Episode 36, Patrick speaks with Dr. Lewis Johnson, Chief Scientific Officer of NLM Photonics. ...
Jill Stagner

Bell's Theorem | Ep 35 | Entangled Things Podcast

In Episode 35, Patrick and Ciprian explore Bell's Theorem. The team discuss the polarizing filter ...
Jill Stagner

Materials Science with Dr. Prineha Narang of Harvard University | Ep 34 | Entangled Things Podcast

In Episode 34, Patrick and Ciprian speak with Dr Prineha Narang, Assistant Professor of ...
Jill Stagner

Post-Quantum Cryptography with Alan Grau of PQShield | Ep 33 | Entangled Things Podcast

In Episode 33, Patrick and Ciprian speak with Alan Grau, Vice President of Business Development at ...
Jill Stagner

Bob Coecke of Quantinuum and Cambridge Quantum | Ep 32 | Entangled Things

In Episode 32, Patrick and Ciprian speak with Bob Coecke, Chief Scientist at Quantinuum / Cambridge ...
Jill Stagner
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