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GIAC's New Podcast Host, Jason Nickola

Feb 25, 2020
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Jason Nickola is the host of Trust Me, I'm Certified, a podcast series about overcoming imposter syndrome in the cybersecurity world. In the first podcast of the series Jason discusses the focus of this podcast series and format. As the host, Jason will introduce a featured guest and discuss tips for combatting feelings of not belonging in the field. Each speaker shares their experience and offers strategies to thrive in the cybersecurity industry. 

Jason NickolaJason Nickola is a Senior Security Consultant and COO at Pulsar Security, specializing in penetration testing and red teaming.

He has earned several certifications including GIAC Security Expert (GSE), Offensive Security Certified Expert (OSCE), GXPN, GWAPT, GPEN, GREM, GCIA, GMON, GMOB, GNFA, GCUX, GCIH, GCWN, GCCC, GAWN, GSEC, GPYC, GSNA, GDAT, GCFA, GCDA, GCFE, GLEG, Certified Ethical Hacker, Security+, Network+, and OSCP.

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Jill Stagner

Jill Stagner

Jill is the Director of Marketing and Program Development. She manages the marketing, communication and company branding efforts for Pulsar. In addition, she helps with the public facing materials for all of Pulsar’s products and services.