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What's wrong with Password123? | Ep 114 | Security This Week Podcast

Patrick, Carl and Duane check out a list of the top 200 most common passwords used all over the ...
Jill Stagner

Apparently Crime Pays! | Ep 113 | Security This Week Podcast

Fraudsters make $50,000 a day by spoofing crypto researchers.
Jill Stagner

OpenAI Goes Down. Film at 11 | Ep 112 | Security This Week Podcast

OpenAI confirms DDoS attacks behind ongoing ChatGPT outages.
Jill Stagner

Topics including Einstein's Photoelectric Effect & Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle with Noson Yonofsky | Ep 73 | Entangled Things Podcast

In Episode 73, Patrick and Ciprian speak with returning guest Noson Yonofsky of Brooklyn College. ...
Jill Stagner

Who's That Knocking at Your Windows? | Ep 111 | Security This Week Podcast

Researchers Find 34 Windows Drivers Vulnerable to Full Device Takeover.
Jill Stagner

NISQ era of Quantum algorithms with Mariia Mykhailova | Ep 72 | Entangled Things Podcast

In Episode 72, Patrick and Ciprian speak with returning guest Mariia Mykhailova, Principal Software ...
Jill Stagner

Revenge of the Windows Phone! | Ep 110 | Security This Week Podcast

Windows Phone gets revenge on YouTube from the grave by helping users bypass its ad-blocker-blocker.
Jill Stagner

Quantum State of Play | Ep 71 | Entangled Things Podcast

In Episode 71, Patrick and Ciprian discuss how the Quantum landscape has changed since they ...
Jill Stagner

Elmer Fudd Shoots Linux! | Ep 109 | Security This Week Podcast

'Looney Tunables' Bug Opens Millions of Linux Systems to Root Takeover.
Jill Stagner

Red Cross Tells Cyber Villains to Play Nice | Ep 108 | Security This Week Podcast

Red Cross issues rules of engagement to war-focused hacker groups, who say 'yeah, right!'
Jill Stagner
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