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Trust Me I’m Certified, O'Shea Bowens

Jul 9, 2020
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Finding your strategy (and a little social engineering) for "what's next" with O'Shea Bowens - Part 2

In this episode of the podcast series Trust Me, I'm Certified, Part 2 of O'Shea Bowens interview, he and host Jason Nickola continue their discussion about successfully building a career in infosec through training, communication, and ongoing education.

trust_me_bowensO'Shea is the founder and CEO of Null Hat Security, a cyber security firm specializing in incident response, Security Training, and SOC Program Management, with a focus on personal engagements. O'Shea is also the founder of SkiCon Conference and the co-founder of Intrusion Diversity System, a bi-monthly hosted cyber security podcast.

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Jason Nickola

Jason Nickola

Director of Technical Services, Senior Security Consultant