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Blog Articles

What Are The Different Types of Phishing and How Can I Protect Myself From an Attack?

Phishing is a type of social engineering attack that hackers use to steal user data, including ...
Steve Steinberg

Password Management – Challenges, Authentication Methods, Vulnerabilities

Passwords are a standard protection measure used in preventing unauthorized users from accessing ...
Jill Stagner - Director of Marketing and Program Dev

Detecting Vulnerabilities on Your Wireless Access Points

The rapid advancement of computer technology brings many devices, appliances, and gadgets that ...
Tim Connell - Head of Enterprise Products

Published OUI Vendor List

All MAC addresses should resolve to a list of known vendors, or at the very least indicate the type ...
Corey Belanger

Common Password Management Mistakes

Unauthorized computer access exposes an organization to numerous security risks, such as data theft ...
Jill Stagner - Director of Marketing and Program Dev

Hackers Targeting Preferred Network Lists (PNLs)

SONAR detects new potentially fake access points posing as a common open networks being broadcast ...
Corey Belanger