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Olympics For Hackers: Hack The Box

Mar 25, 2020
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The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.
  • Are you new to cybersecurity or an experienced security professional focused on continually testing your skills and knowledge?
  • Hobbyist with an addicted, competitive personality who gets a thrill out of solving problems?
  • Individual contributor looking to be part of a bigger cyber community?
  • Quarantined at home -- doing your part but starting to go a bit stir crazy between juggling virtual meetings, home schooling and entertaining kids?

Hack the Box could be the answer.

What is Hack the Box?

Hack the Box (HTB) is like a continuous Olympics for hackers. It’s Cyber Practice Gamified.

Hosted at https://www.hackthebox.eu/, it provides individuals and teams a way to prove they know what they are doing like nothing else in the cyber world. It’s an online platform which allows you to assess penetration testing skills, and exchange ideas and methodologies with thousands of others in the security field. This continuous ‘Olympics’ for hackers provides a competitive forum to demonstrate knowledge like nothing else in the cyber world.

At any given time, there are 20 active systems that competitors must conquer to achieve and maintain their ranking. Hacking knowledge is a highly perishable skill and those that rest on their laurels are unlikely to participate.

Pulsar’s HTB Rankings: Top Ten Worldwide

I’m proud to say that at Pulsar Security we test our abilities constantly with HTB and other less public test environments. As of March 2020, our top team, was ranked 7th in the world on Hack the Box out of tens of thousands of teams. This team has only 4 members and 3 of them are individually ranked in the top 30 out of almost 300,000 active accounts. It doesn’t stop there! Several of our other Pulsar team members are rated among the top 50 hackers worldwide on HTB.

Ready to test your skills?

Pulsar Security’s use of HTB does not constitute or imply an endorsement of, or by HTB; nor is Pulsar Security tied in any way to the individuals that provide the service.

Patrick Hynds - Chief Executive Officer

Patrick Hynds - Chief Executive Officer

Patrick serves as the team’s primary creative and strategic influence. As a recognized technology leader with expertise in Microsoft technologies, software development, network architecture, and enterprise security, Patrick is a frequent speaker at technical events throughout the world such as TechEd Hong Kong, Microsoft Security Conference, and Code Camp, and has spent two decades as a Microsoft Regional Director. A graduate of West Point and a Gulf War veteran, Patrick’s mission is to marry his leadership capabilities and deep technical experience in the pursuit of entrepreneurial ventures.