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It's Uber Time. Do You Know Where Your Teenager Is? | Ep 59 | Security This Week Podcast

Uber computer systems breached by 'teen' in major security alert.   Listen to the full episode to ...
Jill Stagner

Conti Members Strike Back | Ep 58 | Security This Week Podcast

Former Conti ransomware members are allegedly regrouping to attack Ukraine   Listen to the full ...
Jill Stagner

Demystifying Cybersecurity | CMAA | Let's Talk Club Management Podcast

Cyber Security can be an alarming and intimidating topic. We are constantly hearing about companies ...
Jill Stagner

Watch Out For That Galaxy! | Ep 57 | Security This Week Podcast

A hacker has been using an image taken by the James Webb Space Telescope to load malware onto ...
Jill Stagner

Uninstall TikTok Now! | Ep 56 | Security This Week Podcast

TikTok can monitor users' keystrokes, and could collect passwords, and credit card info, researcher ...
Jill Stagner

When SMS Attacks | Ep 55 | Security This Week Podcast

If you get a constant barrage of SMS messages asking you to confirm a login, you may have already ...
Jill Stagner

Linguistics and Quantum Computing with Rob Freeman | Ep 40 | Entangled Things Podcast

In Episode 40, Patrick and Ciprian speak with Rob Freeman, language and Artificial Intelligence ...
Jill Stagner

We Don't Know How Bad it Really Is | Ep 54 | Security This Week Podcast

New vulnerabilities are making experts wonder how many are yet to be discovered.   Listen to the ...
Jill Stagner

Microsoft Comes to Their Senses | Ep 53 | Security This Week Podcast

Microsoft did a 180 and blocked Office macros, but is it enough?   Listen to the full episode to ...
Jill Stagner

QCI's Special Announcement with Bob Liscouski and Bill McGann | Entangled Things Ep 39

In Episode 39, Patrick and Ciprian speak with Bob Liscouski, CEO, and Bill Mcgann, CTO and COO of ...
Jill Stagner
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