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Trust Me I’m Certified, Lesley Carhart

Mar 3, 2020
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Lesley Carhart is a principal threat analyst at Dragos, Inc, a cybersecurity company. She was raised on a farm with her father who was an "old-school hacker". In this podcast she discussed her formative high school years as coder and later becoming a military avionics technician. These experiences have guided her to a career in cyber security.

Lesley CarhartLesley discusses imposter syndrome in this podcast series, Trust Me, I'm Certified. She talks about the barriers she's experienced in the cyber security field and the steps she took to being trained and certified. She is a subject matter expert in cybersecurity incident response and digital forensics. She is a frequent cyber security conference speaker and leads discussions at universities across the country.

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Jason Nickola

Jason Nickola

Director of Technical Services, Senior Security Consultant