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Entangled Things | Ep 18 | How to Teach Quantum Computing in a Day

Oct 19, 2021
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How to Teach Quantum Computing in a Day

Teaching a complex and vast topic such as Quantum Computing is a difficult task. Combining the right ingredients the right way is even more difficult. Patrick and Ciprian debate over if and how topics like the postulates of quantum mechanics, the fundamental mathematical model, the qubits model, the algorithms, the gate vs. annealing approach, the development ecosystems, error correction, or building quantum hardware should be part of a one day workshop that introduces Quantum Computing.

The outcomes of the discussion will not remain theoretical only, as Ciprian will apply them a real Quantum Computing workshop he will be delivering on December 10th at the Microsoft Azure + AI Conference in Las Vegas www.azureaiconf.com

Jill Stagner

Jill Stagner

Jill is the Director of Marketing and Program Development. She manages the marketing, communication and company branding efforts for Pulsar. In addition, she helps with the public facing materials for all of Pulsar’s products and services.