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Oct 21, 2021
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Understanding the various cyber threats is the first step in protecting yourself from an attack.



Password security is the #1 area the average person (and even most organizations to a degree) can focus on to make themselves more secure.



Cybersecurity is not only a hot topic of concern in the enterprise space but developing your own security infrastructure for your home workspace is critical as well.


For modern enterprises, core business operations and functions depend on the availability and security of wireless networks. Attacks targeting such networks can cause prolonged business interruptions leading to financial losses, diminished customer trust, dented reputation, non-compliance fines, and loss of sensitive information.



Whether you are just building your security program, need to assess the performance of your current efforts, or want us to simulate a live attack, we are here to help at every step. 

Jill Stagner

Jill Stagner

Jill is the Director of Marketing and Program Development. She manages the marketing, communication and company branding efforts for Pulsar. In addition, she helps with the public facing materials for all of Pulsar’s products and services.